GTA IV Swing Location (Grand Theft Auto IV swing set)

The GTA IV Swing Location is in the park in the Firefly Projects in Broker with a playground on the west end. There are two swing sets in the playground area in a location that you can get a car up against either on their west side. The swing set on the north end seems to be a bit more reliable when it comes to easy and successful car launches. This video will show you on the map.

If you've played Grand Theft Auto IV and have not yet enjoyed the endless fun of the swing set glitch, you've come to the right place. Basically, positioning nearly any vehicle against one of the swing sets in a specific park in Broker will cause it to violently launch - literally - like a rocket. Watch the video explaining and demonstrating it all, or read below for details.

Using the GTA 4 swing set (Grand Theft Auto IV)

Using the Swing Set Glitch in Grand Theft Auto 4 is pretty easy: you simply maneuver any vehicle into the park, bump it up against the swing set, and wait. It tends to help if you're pushing against it as better contact with the swing set seems to produce better launches. See the notes below for tips about getting the best results:

Cause of the Swing Set Glitch in GTA 4 (Grand Theft Auto IV)

I'm not a game programmer, but I do work in computers and have lots of gaming experience. Here's an explanation based on my limited understanding. Everything that's able to be interacted with in the game is given physical properties. For example, the trash cans are light and non-fixed - running your car through them simply displaces them and doesn't much slow you down (they have almost no mass). It's like real physics. The swing set in the park in the Firefly Projects in Broker is an object, like any other in the game. It can become somewhat damaged, but its feet are firmly fixed to the ground. When damaged, it tries to deform accordingly, but it's somewhat bugged and seems to go into a timed cycle of physics detection. The cycle fires an event and the swing, knowing it's damaged, tries to adjust or deform accordingly, but since it's fixed to the ground, just creates a 'lurch'. Watch it for a minute after you've hit it with something and you'll hear it 'clank' and see it shoot off particles. This lurch creates a violent movement, which seems to have unrealistic force behind it. It's this physical reaction that imparts it's unnatural motion to whatever's touching it. When a car is propped up against it, the car can launch away. I've also see it practically drive a vehicle into the ground. Play with it - it's kind of cool (if somewhat unrealistic) to see the effects is can unintentionally create. Let's hope Rockstar doesn't correct this glitch!

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